Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review - 4160 Tuesdays "Invisible Ben"

I know when I've found a good scent because of two things -
  1. It makes me smile when I smell it
  2. I keep sniffing my arm on the way home.
Although this fragrance was designed for the person who doesn't wear perfume I think it would be folly to ignore it on this basis. Is it safe? Yes, but not in the generic modern fragrance sense.

Whereas many new releases marketed toward men lean to a more broody character and are advertised as such, with men looking serious and forlorn, if I was to picture the representation of Ben it would be a man raising his glass to you whilst smiling and saying here's to you!

Assured yet not insisting, discreet enough yet beguiling once discovered.
If fragrance is a band this guy is second guitar, waving to the crowd, talking to you after the show.
And if fragrance is food, because Sarah likes a food analogy, Ben is the mushroom rice, flavourful and dependable sustenance.

First spray is a bright sherbet boozy slap on the back, a greeting with a glass of cognac where some spills over the edge during the embrace.
Then there's the ever present glow, a mix of the soft wood with the skin scent balsam. This rises like a sun on the horizon, gradually more present behind the top notes.

It's a dependable labrador of a fragrance that is gentle enough not to be noticed but once you do it's a pleasant revelation.

Invisible Ben is by Sarah McCartney who runs 4160 Tuesdays

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