Thursday, 3 July 2014

Review - Bvlgari "Black"

Sometimes notes in a perfume strike out like rectangular speed bumps, very jarring and obvious. But if that bump is rounded, it fits within the composition in such a way as to say yes, this note is here, but blended smoothly to the whole.

Squash Ball

And that's what Black does.

It's a day of handling thick rubber tractor tyres, dusting off your hands, wiping your forehead and breathing in the slightly acrid aroma.

Michelin Man
What may sound almost repulsive seems to work incredibly well here. The rubber is not astringent, it remains on the palatable side but still is significant in it's odour. I could imagine them tweaking the intensity, going all the way from Michelin Man full-on rubber tyre suit to just squeezing a squash ball on your hand.

To me, Black is a bicycle tyre slung over the shoulder. Noticeable yet appealing, not overbearing, and sits well within the blend.
A wearable, well blended, rubber scent.

Now the note list would suggest that tea and vanilla amongst others are the next prominent notes however, if they are, they are woven so tight as to make them indistinguishable.

An admirable feat which helps round out the rubber and give what I describe as an emergent fragrance whereby the composition is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Eventually it settles into a predominantly vanilla accord, with remnants of the rubber.

The smell of rubber can really get up your nose and be off putting, somehow this fragrance captures the essence and removes the pungency.
It is very wearable and would suit the pursuer of far left field and alternative fragrances whilst not being obnoxious. 

Perfectly suits the contents with a black "rubber tyre" surround

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