Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review - Comme des Garcons "Wonderoud"

I got a sample of this from a lovely lady in House of Fraser-

The oud is shown here as the gold interlaced between the cracked wood.

If you liked Wonderwood, you will probably like this. I found them both a bit too harsh on the dry woods for my liking.

The original makes me cough, this one makes me cough slightly less. Scrubbed off after 20 minutes, "Oh!" you exclaim "That's not long enough to judge a fragrance!" and I agree. However, there are some notes I find painful and want to remove them asap. One of them is sharp dry woods, the other begins with "i" and is found in churches. And old-lady florals.

Wonderoud is softened/rounded by the oud which attempts to bring a degree of balance to an otherwise very one dimensional wood smell.
Recall the sweet, slightly medicinal, wood of Tom Ford's Oudwood and you can see how the two styles converge with this little fella.

The closest thing I have to this is Opus 1870 and that's about as woody as I would want to go, if you love your woods check out Monsieur by Huitieme Art.

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