Wednesday, 2 July 2014

An Introduction


This blog intends to document my travels through the wonderful world of perfume.
Perfume has been a long standing interest of mine, from using dad's Opium and Fahrenheit, to wearing JPG Le Male at school, to buying my first Creed fragrance.

But now it's getting serious!

I'm part of groups that share the interest, I've been to perfume days, spent far too long in Libertys, Selfridges, etc. and now classify perfume as one of my hobbies.

For this reason I thought I would start this blog, it will be reviews, opinions, ramblings, anything with a perfume heart.
As with many things, I shall intend a structure and then watch over time as that structure un-structures itself.

Occasionally these posts will have a more philosophical bent where I think for too long about things that an ordinary person wouldn't bother with.

I hope you find the writings here entertaining and please feel free to chime in yourself.


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