Friday, 11 July 2014

Review - Six Scents "M"

The full title of this should be-

Six Scents - Series 3 - Number 6 - M by Ohne Titel and Yann Vasnier

Quite a mouthful.

I await the day that I wear M and am asked what aftershave I'm wearing, I'll probably just say M.

Here's a bit of spiel about the brand-
The new series from Six Scents perfume, Six Scents Series Three, brings together prominent perfumers and designers again, in order to provide an olfactory interpretation revolving around the main theme.
Each perfume is limited to 3000 copies, a percentage of sales going to charity organization War Child International.

Leather has a scale, over here on the left is the delicate and soft suede, moving along the line we have a larger but still quite soft leather jacket, then there's a dark oily biker jacket followed by heavily polished horse riding boots, to finally the crass and fierce raw leather hide of a recently deceased beast. 

For an example of the latter please smell Dior's Cuir Cannage of the private range. Pure horse to my nose.

Cuir Cannage

Well where does M lie on the spectrum? 
It's way over slinking about on the left side. It's sensually soft suede, the note that brings this is castoreum and I'll leave you to search up what that is, along with civet which is the companion note that combines to give this sultry filthy yet clear and distinct vibe that I get from this fragrance.

Also this one is a hilarious transformer, so whilst it is to the left on the leather scale it also has something from the more animalic right side.

It stays close to the body for the most part and adds a wondrous allure around the skin that begged me to hold my arm at awkward angles to my face for most of the day. The hilarity, however, comes from when it warms.

To demonstrate this, about 3 hours into wearing it I was told I smell nice, I then proceeded to heat my wrist briefly with my breath and then asked the person to have another sniff. They reeled back in surprise, that's not what they were smelling a second ago!

And therein lies the appeal for me. This silky minx of a ferret is all cuddly and playful and suddenly relieves itself in your lap, and it's hilarious. I reckon the skank nastiness from the animalic notes must contribute to the whole aroma; it smells great because a small part of it doesn't smell great, and isn't afraid to show it.

I imagine a woman in a skimpy outfit pulling off her heels in the late hours of a club somewhere and wandering home barefoot and sweaty from dancing all night, clutching a small leather purse. 

Yet that's not to say this is a particularly feminine odour, I'd say easily wearable by both man and woman alike.

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