Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Wall of Scent - An Afternoon with Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays

I recently attended "The Wall of Scent" hosted by Sarah McCartney who runs 4160 Tuesdays, a British perfumery based in London.

On this day you spend time sniffing a variety of scents from Sarah McCartney's collection as she educates your nose.

Some of them are originals that you can no longer buy (Vintage Chanel), some are hard to find, and some are easy to find (Justin Bieber. No joke.)

So much to smell!

There is a method to the madness with which Sarah whips out bottles, sprays with vigour, and passes around paper strips to the eager group of attendees.

Explaining the history and detail of each scent, whether it is to do with the ingredients, regulations, the perfumer who designed it, or Sarah's own "discovery story", they are all worthwhile and entertaining.

For example we learnt of one ingredient as it was given to us in isolation (ISO E Super), then an example of how it was first used, then how it was later adopted by many.

It was like hanging out in the kitchen of a skilled chef, getting to sample the goods as you're guided through time and genres of fragrance.

We were shown how the "same" perfume was different depending on whether you were smelling the 1960's original or the later reformed version where the contrast was shocking, and I guess a little sad because there was less "oomph" once it was changed (blame regulations and allergies!).

Potions and Papers

By the end of it my nose was pleasantly exhausted, satiated like after a feast, and then we each got to take home a bottle of our own choosing from Sarah's collection (Invisible Ben for me)

The atmosphere created was relaxed and informal yet much was explored and discovered about all things fragrant. Even the refreshments were an olfactory delight with blackcurrant and coffee cordial (Waitrose) and a surprisingly delicious gazpacho drink with tomatoes and strawberries (Cho).

What pleased me most was Sarah's evident passion for all things smelly, her enthusiasm is contagious and she encouraged us to think about the things we were smelling in new and often peculiar ways.

So whether you are a seasoned sniffer or a first-time fragrantist (made-up word) wanting to learn more about it I think spending some time with British perfumer Sarah McCartney is a welcoming, fun, and friendly experience that I recommend to all.

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Find out more at 4160 Tuesdays website here.

More photos!

Sniff Salute!

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