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I work as a catastrophe modeller for an insurance company by day, clinical hypnotherapist by night (well, evenings and weekends). I studied Philosophy at Nottingham University and love language, therapy, meditation, anything to do with the mind with the goal of inner peace or communication with each other.

I had considered creating a single blog to cover insurance, therapy, and perfume, but I didn't want to join an already saturated market (That's sarcasm).

"Andrew Smells" is about my interest in fragrances. If you happen to receive therapeutic benefit from it too then that's great, let me know and I'll send you a bill. If you learn about insurance then I have strayed way off topic.

In this blog I review and philosophise about all things smelly with the intention of enriching and teaching people more about perfume and to learn more about myself through such expression.

I'm not an expert on this topic, it's a passion for me, so everything written here is my opinion, not facts!

I hope my writing is accessible to anyone with the faintest interest in perfume and we can all have some fun sniffing and exploring this fascinating art.

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Also you can message me using the "Contact Me" form at the bottom to ask a question or just say hello.

Welcome and enjoy,


Chief Smeller at "Andrew Smells"

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